Sensational Paella Catering Company brings New England the most authentic Spanish Paella! 


Sensational Paella Catering Company specializes in bringing you an authentic and unforgettable culinary experience that will have everyone raving (and thanking you) at the end of your event! So how does it work? We arrive at your destination armed with positive energy and radiant smiles. We may just throw in a few hugs for good measure. We then settle into your back yard and set up our outdoor kitchen with authentic paella grills and pans, tables neatly organized for our cooking needs, and a buffet table neatly decorated with tablecloths on which we will place the appetizers and paella(s) for your event. If your event is in the evening and you’re feeling adventurous, we set up ambiance lights to make it festive and colorful. Nobody likes complete silence at an event so we bring our Spanish and Flamenco music which we play while cooking your delicious paella. Did we mention dancing is encouraged and welcomed?

And then it’s show time- the paella is garnished and served for your family and friends. Coupled with a glass of wine or chilled sangria, your guests are sure to feel as though they’ve just been transported to Spain for a few hours! Your event will be a unique experience that will have everyone Facebooking, Instagramming and Tweeting for days!

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Authentic Paella Catering

By Chef Julian

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Wondering how we cook paella during an event? Watch us in action in the video below...

We are a full service catering company and we offer:

  • Any required rentals
  • Professional and friendly service staff
  • Tastings of our Paella(s) for large events
  • Complimentary site visits to plan your event
  • Personal Chef services for an intimate event